October 10, 2019

A look into Day 1 of the USCS Hawaii PDP Camp on Oahu. Unfortunately day 2 was cancelled due to weather and the state closure of our parks. This is the programs 5th year in Hawaii.

US Club Soccerʻs Player Development Camps are provided free for Hawaii athletes. Individuals are scouted and selected at the USCS Hawaii State Cup (Easter weekend) and throughout the regular season. The USCS  id² program is designed around the belief that player identification should be free. Players will be invited to the Arizona id² Training Camp (at no cost) if selected by National Coaches Gerry McKeown, Tricia Taliaferro, Valerio Raccuglia, with the help of local coaches Duke Hashimoto & Millie Dydasco.

For a more detailed look into the Hawaii Program visit USCSHAWAII.ORG.

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