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Together they've got big surf goals!

Meet local Oahu groms Daniel Stella and Journey Regelbrugge, aspiring professional surfers. Daniel just completed a successful Hawaii Surfing Association season qualifying and competing in multiple divisions at the State Championships. Journey has been keeping to her 2018 goals by making the finals of all her menehune divisions thus far. Included in Journey's 2018 goals are to, "have a good attitude" and, "be a good role model" showing she has a heart of gold. Daniel's personal 2018 goals include a commitment to training, and surfing bigger waves. Daniel spent a lot of time on the North Shore over winter to help him achieve those goals. With guidance, both groms are learning the benefits of setting athletic goals and are going through the process of action to achieve them. The extra time and focus Daniel and Journey are putting into their sport of choice is comparable to those in other mainstream youth sports.

What are your goals?

How do you plan to achieve them?

Their Current Sponsors

Daniel Stella - Fu Wax, Reezen Hawaii, Rubber Ducky Hawaii

Journey Regelbrugge - Moku Hawaii, Pualani Hawaii, Sirensong Wetsuits, Lady of the Sea Creations, East Oahu Physical Therapy, Hawaiian Longboard Company, Rubber Ducky Hawaii

Although one surfer plants their feet on a shortboard, and the other dances on a longboard, they share the same sponsor in Rubber Ducky Sunscreen. A new company to enter the competitive sunscreen market made of reef safe, natural ingredients. Rubber Ducky Sunscreen boasts of passing 8 hour water resistance testing due to their water proof technology. The company, currently being run by former Hawaii athletes and coaches, has a natural commitment to benefit the local community in any sustainable way. This year the Hawaii based team has begun providing a structured environment for local youth surf athletes to develop a beneficial knowledge base and skill set.

The foundation of each featured party looks promising and we will continue to follow Daniel, Journey, and Rubber Ducky in the future. You can see more of them on Instagram: