In a letter to MISO, Professional Soccer Player, Raisa Strom-Okimoto, gives thanks to those that provided a platform for her to become the individual she is today.

"I would like to thank you for the tremendous work that you have done to develop and create opportunities for the soccer players from the State of Hawaiʻi."

The NWSL Utah Royals Head Coach was in attendance during the MISO Elite match against Japanʻs Nojima Stella. Turns out our coaches were right when they told us "you never know whoʻs watching".

"In January of 2019 the professional team from Japan had visited to play the Hawaiʻi All-Star team. This experience had been an amazing opportunity and it had opened up doors for me. From that game I was noticed by the Japan team, and it just so happened the Utah Royals Head Coach Laura Harvey was present as well.

I am grateful for that opportunity and for all the people who were involved in setting up that game...
The game against Japan created a platform for me to showcase my talent, and to play the game that I love. It would be amazing to see more games like that for other younger players to have the same opportunity I had."

At Aiea High School Raisa sat out sophomore and senior year due to injury and earned OIA Player of the year twice. Raisa also earned many accolades as a Team Captain at University of Hawaii including Big West Player of the Year.

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