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Turtle Bay Jr Challenge

March 18, 2018

Cory Ida

Turtle Bay Resort hosted the Hawaii Surfing Association's Under 17 Junior Challenge in 3-4 foot surf. The Junior Challenge let's competitors practice competing with live scoring and a priority system. Although the digital scoring system was unavailable, the judges and the event announcer Rocky Canon did their best to keep the surfers in the water updated on scores, while Riley and Ray manually turned the priority boxes on a folding table. Thanks to the event staff for still providing the exciting format under less than optimal conditions.

The boys division started the day with 6 heats in round 1 that included WSL Pro Jr competitors running to check in straight from Tahiti. Even though there is no time difference between Hawaii and Tahiti, a little jet lag showed as new stars rose to the finals. A break out performance by 13 year old Daniel Stella saw him surf all the way to the end. Keep an eye out on this kid, he doesn't have a major sponsor yet.

Photos of the Day: Daniel Stella

Impressive Performances: Paris Anderson, Daniel Stella, Maikai Burdine



1st - Wyatt McHale (Vans)

2nd - Maikai Burdine (Volcom)

3rd - Diego Ferri (Rip Curl)

4th - Daniel Stella


1st - Angelina Yossa

2nd - Paris Anderson

3rd - Irie Fitzgerald

4th - Jasmine Crawford (Rip Curl)