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The Blessed Life Pearlridge

Grand Opening Event 3-3-18

Cory Ida

While Christians flee countries around the world, a bright light shines for them in Hawaii.

Multiple local Christian companies stock the shelves of the 3rd "Blessed Life" location in the islands. Each company carries their own unique designs and styles which make the store a one stop shop for whatever fits your needs.

In the middle-east (the birthplace of Christianity) Christians are being attacked, killed, children are kidnapped and sold, acid is being thrown into Christian's faces. These violent acts have also increased recently in European countries. The Blessed Life Pearlridge Uptown storefront allows the current most persecuted religious group in the world to freely worship during business hours in a mainstream mall.

It takes vision and obedience to step out and change the world. The Blessed Life leads as an example that not all people have to serve within church walls... Some have been gifted to bring The Church into the world. 

For more photos and video of the event check rubberduckyhawaii.com