Castles Beach, Kailua

August 17, 2019

Kailuaʻs long stretch of fine white sand has recently been inundated with plastic waste. Many residents noticed a larger than usual influx a few weeks ago. A local surfer stated it was like swimming in a "plastic soup" when the condensed wave of microplastic initally hit his home break of Castles. Kalaheo High School student, Mckenna Carmack, believes a large storm that recently passed east of the state probably pushed the trash toward the islands.

A caring local stepped out of her comfort zone to start an organized beach clean up. Harlee Meyers didnʻt expect much for her first organized event, but over 40 people showed up and picked up 150lbs of trash (mainly microplastics) from the beach! Local businesses also helped out the event by donating equipment and gifts. Kailua Beach Adventures donated rashguards, hats, and equipment along with 808 Cleanups. Rubber Ducky Sunscreen donated some of their reef safe, all natural products. Manoa Reclaimed gave a couple of their beautiful decorative signs as prizes.

Harlee has decided to try and make monthly cleanups in the Kailua area which will provide the community with an outlet to make an impact on the shoreline. Add her on Instagram so you know when the next one will be @xoharleej .

Heleloa Media Club was at the event to help capture content for our partnership with Rubber Ducky Sunscreen. Photos from the event can be found in the media section of . If youʻre looking to create a media partnership for your organization donʻt hesitate to ask us .