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HSA Big Island

Honoli'i  11/10/18

Cory Ida

Hawai'i Surfing Association's Big Island Crew puts on a successful event in 1-2 ft surf. The day began with clear skies and dead winds for the Open Men and Open Women divisions. By lunch the beginning of a cold front arrived which provided for an overcast afternoon with off and on rain. Despite a wet afternoon, the HSA Crew provided a smooth running event including solid announcing, food, and a priority system.

Event finalists:

SB 11U Boys

Max Germond, Hiro Laliberte, Zal Costa, Kona Costa

SB 12-13 Boys

Jackson Dorian, Diesel Butts, Tosh Stratton, Makoa Auhoon

SB 14-15 Boys

Brodi Sale, Jackson Dorian, Luke Heflin, Kane Turalde

SB 16-17 Boys

Diesel Butts, Brodi Sale, Kade Ketcheson, Kane Turalde

SB 11U Girls

Kirra Geesy, Shavanie Urubio

SB 12-17 Girls

Sophie Carlucci, Rumor Butts, Malaika Bishaw

SB Open Women

Rumor Butts, Sophie Carlucci, Dani Sale

SB Open Men

Brodi Sale, Diesel Butts, Jackson Dorian, Tosh Stratton

Grand Masters, Masters, Sr. Men

James Holmes, Christian Enns, Sam Fenwick, Barry Levinbaum

BB Open Men & Women

Matt Solomon, Mana Fujihara, Makoa Auhoon, Santiago Kitchener, Daniel Villena, Cj Bruno


Honoli'i is a Little Pot of Gold on the Windward Side of Hawai'i Island. My brother recently shared this break with me and I fell in love after an epic session. Since that day I've been dreaming of jumping back into the water and shooting there. When I heard about the Hawai'i Surfing Association contest I had to find a way back. Luckily I was able to adjust my schedule to fly over for the one day event.

The day's adventure began with a 2:30am alarm to make sure I had time to park and get through the Honolulu's laggy TSA lines for a 5am flight. My brother picked me up after landing in Hilo and we had ourselves some quality family time before heading over to Honoli'i.

Once we got to the contest site I quickly drew out my camera to capture some of the action on land. Groms skateboarding up and down the narrow road between their heats. Uncles frying fish on their tailgate. Competitors checking in and warming up on the black sand beach.

After I grew tired of running up and down the long set of stairs, I decided it was time to get in the water. I changed the settings on my camera, stuffed it in my SPL Waterhousing, and got into the water. It was such a great experience getting to shoot in such a magical place and I hope to return again soon.

If you're interested in travel and getting in front or behind the camera lens, send me a message and let's get you hooked up. Heleloa Media Club was created to provide youth a positive creative outlet in this growing age of digital media.