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2018 Wahine Pipe Pro


Cory Ida

The ladies scored great conditions for the 2018 Wahine Pipe Pro. A fading swell was still able to produce 6 foot sets in light winds for the Easter Sunday call. Storyline of the day was Keala Tomoda- Bannert's backdoor bomb that sent her head into the reef. Keala had her quarterfinal heat under control with a 9.00 and 7.10 but is not one to let a set roll by unridden. After the wipeout, Hawaiian Water Patrol was quick to help her out of the water and onto the beach for treatment. A trip to the hospital had everyone worried but she was able to return before the end of the contest (which ran with the Junior Men's Comp) to see the champions crowned.

We wish Keala a speedy recovery, and hope she is able to get to her prom Saturday. Always be cautious with internal head injuries as symptoms may not show up until later. Headaches, nausea, or dizziness could be signs of internal swelling.

1st: Gabriela Bryan

2nd: Moana Jones

3rd: Savanna Stone

4th: Leila Riccobuano

Standout Surfer: Keala Tomoda-Bannert (9.00, 7.10)
Photo of the Day: Keala Tomoda-Bannert